Young and Blonde



Reading, Eating, and Traveling are three essential parts of my crazy and amazing life. My name is Hannah and even though I live in a small town found in the fabulous Western Kentucky I love getting out of my comfort zone. What a shame to waste the blink of life that you have not discovering all the diverse and extravagant creations of our God! So yes, it’s true… I’m blonde! Blondes can be stereotyped in multiple ways. Yes, we may be ditzy, we may speak before we think, we may be a mess. These are the beautiful things in life that make you who you are though. No matter what someone says about you, says about your style, says about your taste in things, you are YOU.  So I encourage you to follow me and it would be an honor for me to follow you on your journey through this crazy thing we call life. Be you

Be Young and Blonde


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